Carbonated Drinks: A Tooth’s Worst Enemy

It’s no secret that pop is bad for your teeth. But your favourite sugary drinks may be doing even more damage to your oral health than you realize!

5 Tooth Healthy Foods That Fight Sugar Cravings

Sugar is among the most popular food cravings, especially for women! It is easy to reach for a sugary snack to satisfy your sweet…

5 Things to do When Your Child Loses a Tooth

Each child has a different reaction when it comes to losing their first tooth. For some, this can be an exciting experience and…

5 Reasons Why Preventative Dentistry Is Important For Your Child’s Development

When it comes to preventative dentistry everyone benefits, especially your child. Having them seen by a dental professional will ensure you’re taking…

10 Ways to Keep Your Child Smiling Bright This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of cheer, goodwill and a lot of food. It can be hard to turn down…

5 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Fear of The Dentist

The dentist is a very common childhood fear and should be taken seriously. Of course, this does not mean you should allow…

7 Oral Hygiene Tips for Infants Every Parent Should Know

Taking care of your infant’s oral health is crucial to their development. Healthy baby teeth pave the way to healthy adult teeth and help your child…

Your Teeth VS Sugar (Spoiler Alert-Teeth Lose)

Everyone knows sugar is harmful to our teeth and can lead to serious problems but few are aware of how…

7 Unique Ways Invisalign Can Benefit Your Child

Most people associate orthodontic treatment with the traditional metal braces that have been around for years. Some kids can be turned off to that…

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