The Who, What, When, Why, and How of Orthodontics


Your child’s health is your top priority. Good dental health plays a big role in your kid’s overall well-being. You want to do all you can to keep your child healthy and happy. But it can be difficult to know how much dental care your child needs and what role you play in the process. You know a good oral care routine and regular dental visits are key to maintaining your child’s health, but do you know how important it is to see an orthodontist?

Orthodontists provide preventive and comprehensive treatment to children to teenagers. When alignment or bite problems are detected and treated at a young age, you can prevent a world of problems later on.

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What is Orthodontics?

Why does your child need orthodontic treatment?

When should your child first visit the orthodontist?

How to ensure your child gets the best orthodontic treatment

Who can help your child achieve the perfect smile?

How to find the right orthodontist for your child