7 Unique Ways Invisalign Can Benefit Your Child


Most people associate orthodontic treatment with the traditional metal braces that have been around for years. Some kids can be turned off to that idea especially older ones! Luckily, now more than ever patients seeking a healthy smile have options. Invisalign’s clear retainers offer a virtually invisible appearance on the outside while straightening your teeth on the inside, just like traditional braces. When your child opts to go through treatment with Invisalign, they benefit in ways that are not possible with any other kind of orthodontic treatment. Here are seven ways your child can benefit from Invisalign!

Easily Removable Trays

Unlike traditional braces, these ones can be taken off by you! Being able to remove the aligners makes it easy for your child to maintain their current oral hygiene routine, decreasing the chances of tooth decay and cavities. Removable aligners also make it easier for your dentist to perform routine check-ups and cleaning. Keep in mind, with great power comes great responsibility! Always be sure to place your aligners in their case when they aren’t in your mouth.

No Dietary Restrictions

Go ahead, bite into that apple! With Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want. There are no brackets to worry about breaking or food getting stuck behind them, simply remove your aligners and dig in. Your child will love the freedom of enjoying their favorite snacks over the course of their treatment. Sticky, crunchy and sugary foods aren’t off the table for your little one. Just remind them to always brush their teeth!

Faster Treatment Time

Invisalign can straighten your smile up to 50% faster, this means less time waiting and more time smiling! The amount of time you will have to wear your retainers is unique for every patient given a number of different factors that could prolong or shorten treatment time. However, standard treatment time for Invisalign is between 18 and 24 weeks whereas traditional braces are about two years.

Breaks Bad Habits

If your child complains of a sore jaw, headaches or neck pains they could be suffering side effects of teeth grinding. Many parents are unaware of their child grinding their teeth as it is most common to happen while the child is asleep. Breaking this habit can be easy with Invisalign, the aligners give your child’s teeth an extra layer of protection and the realignment of their bite will also help prevent or stop the grinding altogether.

Improves Speech

Many people aren’t aware that the positioning of your teeth has a lot to do with your speech. The most common offenders when it comes to difficulties communicating include but aren’t limited to crooked teeth, Bad Bite and Crowding. With Invisalign, your child’s teeth will be placed in the ideal position for their mouth which will make daily tasks (like speaking) much easier.

Designed for Comfort

Invisalign clear aligners are made out of plastic and once they are fitted to your bite, they slide right over your teeth, pain-free! Your child will have a peace of mind knowing they are working towards their dream smile without any pain. Invisalign aligners won’t get between your child and doing what they love the most.

Invisible Aligners 

Most people opt for Invisalign because of the invisible aligners, they allow your child to go through treatment discreetly and still get amazing results. It is not uncommon for kids to feel self-conscious while wearing braces, that’s why Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces. Your child will love how they look, the faster treatment time and the beautiful straight teeth smile in the end.