Invisalign 101: How it Works, Pros & Cons, Costs


Invisalign has become a very popular and effective method for accurately treating misaligned bites, crooked teeth, and other minor to complicated oral malocclusions. In fact, there are now over 4 million Invisalign patients in Canada and the US benefiting from the use of clear aligners!

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign gradually puts a slight amount of pressure on your teeth to slowly guide them into place over a pre-planned period of time. This is done with a series of clear aligners that one of our trained Edmonton orthodontists will create entirely custom for you and your needs. You’ll switch out your current set of aligners for a new set every two weeks, or as otherwise directed if your treatment plan calls for a different timeline. You’ll then progress through every set under our supervision until your treatment is complete!

How Do I Know That Invisalign Is Right For Me?

If you’re interested in Invisalign, we’ll have you book a consultation with us to make sure it would be a good fit for you. Invisalign is capable of treating a wide variety of orthodontic issues, including minor teeth straightening, or certain severe malocclusions.

We’ll perform an exam and assess your teeth, mouth, and jaw to diagnose your need for orthodontic treatment. This is done with a visual exam, as well as detailed x-rays. Once we’ve confidently determined Invisalign can help you, we’ll begin discussing treatment plan options, cost, and set up an appointment to create your custom aligners!

How Are The Clear Aligners Made?

We use iTero scanning technology to create the most accurate, custom aligners for you. iTero scanning takes incredibly detailed 3-D images of your teeth, mouth, and jaw so we know exactly what you need, and the lab knows exactly how to create your aligners.

iTero scanning is faster, easier, and more accurate than former methods of taking dental impressions. Our patients also love the ability to view these scans and the predicted treatment outcome that iTero allows us to make! Now, you can see a rough estimate of what your smile may look like after you’ve completed your treatment.

Once we’ve taken these scans and you’re happy with the details of the treatment plan, we send the scans and our own notes off to a trusted lab for the creation of the aligners. They’ll use the scans and notes as references to make them as accurate and true to your needs as possible. 

What Happens When They Come Back From The Lab?

We’ll give you a call as soon as we receive your aligners to let you know it’s time to start your treatment.

When you arrive, we’ll make sure your Invisalign trays fit properly, that there aren’t any sharp edges, and that you’re completely comfortable taking them in and out. We’ll guide you through how to handle the initial discomfort the first few days may bring, and book your next follow-up appointment so we can closely monitor your progress as you move through your treatment. This is the exciting part!

How Do I Know They’re Working?

We’ll schedule regular follow-up appointments with you to monitor your teeth. iTero scanning comes in handy for these appointments, too, as we can get an in-depth look at how everything’s moving along. If we have any concerns or need to make adjustments to your treatment plan, we will let you know – you’re always in good hands!

What Are The Pros and Cons?

  • More comfortable than traditional braces
  • Clear, almost transparent
  • Can be removed for eating and drinking – this means no diet changes!
  • Fewer check-ups
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Invisalign can be more expensive than braces
  • You must make sure they’re worn for at least 22 hours a day
  • Switching to new trays can be uncomfortable until you get used to them
  • You have to brush your teeth after each meal, before putting your Invisalign back in

How Much Does it Cost?

Like all orthodontic treatment, cost varies from patient to patient depending on exactly what you need, the length of your treatment plan, and the oral malocclusions you’re facing.

We’ll always quote you on the exact cost before setting up a treatment plan for you, so you can feel confident that there are no hidden or unexpected costs when the time comes to move forward.


Our office offers financing based on what you can afford. Please view our payment calculator here to get an idea of what you may be paying ahead of time. You can also give us a call and speak to a knowledgeable member of our staff about payment options that work for you. 


In Canada, Invisalign typically costs anywhere from $5,000 – $10,000. Again, this depends entirely on what you need. Book a free consultation with us if you’re curious to see if the benefits of Invisalign are right for you. 

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