How Intraoral Scanners Improve Your Invisalign Treatment


Before intraoral scanners or iTero scanners, your custom Invisalign clear aligners were created from taking molds of your teeth. These molds were then used to identify your oral malocclusions and create your trays so you could start your treatment.

The advanced technology that iTero offers has made Invisalign even more accurate, easier to create, and more comfortable for you. Here’s how it helps your treatment.


First, What Are iTero Scanners?

These scanners take images of every area of your mouth and capture three-dimensional images within minutes. This allows your orthodontist to have your orthodontic information readily available for sending to the lab.

These scans are more accurate than traditional methods, help your orthodontist diagnose you more accurately, and assist greatly in the treatment planning process.

Because this information can be so freely shared with third parties, your Invisalign experience becomes a breeze for both you, and your ortho expert.


What Else Can iTero Scanning Be Used For?

While iTero scanning has made exponential achievements in helping create treatment plans with Invisalign, intraoral scanning can also be used to assist in the following treatments:

So, how else does this help with your Invisalign treatment?


Your Aligners Come To You Sooner

With the aid of helpful, almost instant, and more accurate technology, you’ll receive your clear aligners faster than traditional methods would allow. This lets you begin your Invisalign journey faster, paving the way for a beautiful, healthy smile even sooner.

Your retainers will come faster, too. With iTero scans being so easily shareable, your dentist can send your information off to any nearby lab of their choosing to have your post-treatment retainer created. These retainers are necessary to protect your investment, and most importantly, your brand-new smile.


Your Progress is Accurately Tracked

The convenience of iTero doesn’t stop at the initial scanning process. Your orthodontist can use intraoral scanning to closely monitor how your treatment is progressing, and identify potential conflicts either before they come up, or as they’re arising.

Keeping a close eye on your progress is one of the key components of having a successful treatment, finishing it on time, and progressing through treatment in the safest and most controlled way possible. 


Your Treatment Plan is More Accurate, with Reduced Error

Research shows that orthodontists that utilize iTero scanning to create patient treatment plans have better success with customization and accuracy. In fact, this technology experiences 7x fewer issues with the fit of your Invisalign clear aligners. A treatment plan that’s made entirely custom to your needs ensures a higher chance of both precision and speed when it comes to the length and success of your orthodontic treatment.


Faster Appointments

Let’s face it – nobody likes having to sit with the traditional mold in their mouth waiting for their impressions to be created. It’s messy, has a strange taste, and can be a little uncomfortable.

iTero makes the scanning process much faster, mess-free, and cuts down the amount of time you have to spend in the office. Whether you’re just having your treatment plan created, or stopping by for a check-in, the process will be fast, painless, free of discomfort, and clean.


You’ll Receive Your Scans Via Email

Because of this convenient digital platform, your orthodontist will be able to send your scans directly to you after your appointment. This helps create transparency and gives you something to retain for your own records.


You Can View a Model Of How Your Post-Treatment Smile

What’s better than that?

The best part about orthodontic treatment is the final result, and having an opportunity to view a projection of the expected outcome is almost too good to be true – but, it is true! Your orthodontist will let you see a rough idea of your expected final outcome before you sign off on your treatment 100%. This is an opportunity you don’t get when you go the traditional route with having molds taken, or opting for traditional metal braces. 


Top of the Line Treatment With Top of The Line Technology

The dental industry is always growing and changing as new technology to help better treat patients become available. We’re committed to implementing new and proven advanced methods of treatment and treatment planning so we can always offer a high level of service. Give us a call if you’re curious about iTero scanning, or if you’re wondering if Invisalign is the right choice for you.