Advantages of Invisalign: The Invisible Way To Straighten Teeth


Increased Discretion 

Invisalign has become very popular among teenagers and young adults due to its discreet and almost entirely invisible appearance. Invisalign clear aligners don’t detract from your face or smile, are barely noticeable when being worn, and allow you to proceed with daily life without having to feel self-conscious about your smile and teeth. 

Many adults have avoided pursuing orthodontic treatment in the past due to feeling self-conscious about the cosmetic appearance of treatment. Invisalign allows you to achieve the smile you want, at whatever age you are, without feeling like your appearance is compromised in professional or social settings.  

Highly Customized and Comfortable

When you decide to begin your treatment, your orthodontist will take digital x-rays and a detailed 3D scan of your teeth and jaw using iTero Scanner. This information will be sent to a lab so your aligners can be created with these specific instructions. These x-rays, photographs, and impressions will give all the necessary information to the lab so your clear aligners are constructed to fit your needs

Creating your aligners with this level of intricate detail allows your Invisalign to be highly customized and comfortable. With the exception of your first few weeks, it won’t be long before you hardly notice your clear aligners anymore. Invisalign tends to be a little more comfortable than traditional metal braces, and patients adjust easier the more time they spend wearing them. In order to adjust as fast as possible, remember to wear your Invisalign for the minimum of 22 hours per day. This allows you to get comfortable faster, and ensure your treatment process stays on track. 

Easy to Maintain Better Oral Health

While metal braces tend to trap food and bacteria easily, Invisalign presents the opportunity to be removed for eating, drinking, and cleaning. This allows you to maintain your oral health regularly through a normal brushing and flossing schedule, without any obstructions. Remember to brush your teeth twice per day for at least two minutes, and floss once per day to avoid cavities and decay.

Without many opportunities for food or drinks to stain your teeth or get trapped, Invisalign helps you maintain a high standard of oral health while working towards a healthy and better smile that you feel proud to show off. 

While it’s important to keep your teeth clean and healthy, your aligners should be cleaned regularly to avoid any bacteria getting trapped and impacting your oral health. In order to avoid this, ensure you’re brushing your aligners twice per day with warm water and antibacterial soap. Hot water can warp your aligners and cold water may not clean them properly, so lukewarm is best. Keeping both your teeth and aligners clean will help to maintain optimal oral hygiene, and lower the risk of developing oral health issues during treatment. 

Convenient and Time-Saving

While having braces often requires many appointments with your orthodontist for tightening, adjustments, and check-ups, Invisalign calls for far fewer appointments and in-office maintenance. Your orthodontist is always available if you have questions or concerns about your treatment, but you’ll only need a few dental office visits while having Invisalign.

Saving time isn’t where the convenience of having Invisalign ends. Your clear aligners can be easily removed and put back in as needed, for meals, outings, and drinks with friends, or to give yourself a brief break when needed during the early stages. You can feel free to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee guilt-free, as long as you remember to put them back in when you’re finished! While the option to do this is available, you should try to limit the time you spend without wearing them to keep treatment on track. 

Provides a Major Confidence Boost

It’s common for teenagers and adults with oral malocclusions like crossbites, overbites, underbites, or gapped teeth to feel self-conscious about their smile. This may prevent them from smiling in photos, speaking up in groups, or affect their day-to-day life in other ways that are more personal to them. This can especially be the case when it comes to younger people who may be hyper-focused on the appearance of their smiles. 

Self-confidence is extremely important and necessary for a high quality of life, and we want to see our patients completely comfortable and confident in themselves. Choosing Invisalign is the first step in obtaining that unshakeable confidence and self-esteem that comes with feeling and looking great! While this process won’t happen overnight, we’ll work with you to help you fix your concerns, and guide you towards a smile you can’t wait to show off at every opportunity.