How to Reduce Braces Cost for Teenagers

Mother hugging teenage daughter with braces

You’ve been expecting the call for a while now, and after your teenager’s most recent check-up, it is official—it’s time for braces. Your teenager is taking it fairly well, which is great, but that leaves all the worrying to you.

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Braces can be expensive and you’re worried you might not be able to afford them. How much do braces cost for teenagers, anyways? As your kid heads out to see friends that evening, you retire to the office and fire up the computer. It’s time for some research.

The bad news is the amount braces cost for teenagers can be expensive, but the good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Your orthodontist’s office is concerned about the welfare and health of your entire family and will not let money get in the way of you being able to improve your family’s oral health.

If you find yourself in this situation, here’s everything you need to know about what braces cost for teenagers—and how your family is going to afford them.

The Importance of Braces

For some, the cost of braces can feel prohibitive. Despite the options available, families sometimes choose to postpone treatment—but when it comes to your family’s oral health, waiting is not a good option.

Braces definitely help your teenager have a straight, beautiful smile, but the benefits are far from purely cosmetic. Braces help create the space your child’s mouth needs for adult teeth by ensuring teeth grow the way they’re supposed to. Not doing so can cause many problems down the line, from crooked teeth and jaw pain to pockets prone to the development of plaque (leading to a whole host of other problems).

It’s not wise to delay braces; the longer one waits, the more work the braces will have to do to correct problems. This can end up costing even more.

Dentists Have Financing Options

Rather than wait, talk to your orthodontist. Orthodontics offices often have financing options that make expensive treatments affordable and accessible to all patients.

Some offer direct billing, 0% financing, low monthly payments—on top of all-around affordable treatments. By reaching out to staff, you can begin the conversation to determine how best to approach your teenager’s health and find a payment plan option that fits your budget.

What Do Braces Cost for Teenagers?

The cost of your teenager’s orthodontic treatment will vary, depending on individual needs and the necessary treatment plan. But you can rest assured the orthodontist will discuss all possible options, the cost of each, and the best fit for your family’s needs and budget.

The cost of braces is usually between $4,000 and $10,000 but it may depend on the type of braces you select, the condition of teeth, and the patient’s age. There are many options available, and your orthodontist will explain all of them; there is absolutely an option that will work for your family, both financially and medically.

As you fall down a research well, you start to worry less. It seems that there are options to cover what your insurance won’t, but it isn’t until you pick up the phone and call that you start to feel relieved. The staff at your local orthodontist office is helpful and explains your options clearly and concisely. What felt like a daunting, unmanageable cost suddenly becomes affordable. The amount braces cost for teenagers isn’t going to ruin your family’s smiles.

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