How Clear Braces Can Improve Your Teen’s Confidence

Teenage girl with braces smiling with confidence

You’ve gotten word from your dentist that your child needs braces. You take a long, deep breath and prepare your arguments to convince your child to commit to this inevitable journey. If only this could have happened when your child was younger—why now, as a teenager?

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You don’t look forward to the discussion, the argument, and finally the forcible parental decision. It’s not how you like to do things, and it certainly won’t help your kid’s oral health.

But as you begin to discuss options with your orthodontist, something happens. Your child is actually listening and you realize you should be too. The conversation hasn’t gone in the direction you thought it would. The doctor is talking about the confidence that comes from correcting teeth.

Once you get around to discussing clear braces—an option you didn’t even know about—your worry starts to fade away. Maybe with clear braces and thoughts of improved confidence, your teenager will actually welcome braces…

Why You Need to Fix Your Teeth

When telling your teenager they need braces, it can often turn into a fight. Your teen may try to argue their teeth are fine and straight enough.

But the truth is your orthodontist can see what the teeth will become. Teeth that look fine now can transform into large problems as a person’s jaw continues to grow into adulthood. Small problems like teeth growing crookedly can turn into plaque build-up, tooth decay, jaw pain, and more. For your teenager’s health, you need to correct their misaligned teeth.

But correcting teeth also works cosmetically, too, which in turn can help a person’s sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Clear Braces—A Nearly Invisible Option

There are many different kinds of braces, and not all are noticeable (in fact, even the more traditional braces are far from the painful, mouth-filling contraptions of yesteryear). Clear braces are a go-to option for teens (and adults!) because they provide the support needed to correct teeth while remaining (nearly) invisible to the outside world.

When it comes to convincing a teenager, braces that won’t be seen is a huge selling point. But you can take it one step farther and actually convince them this option is a benefit—not just to their health but their confidence, too.

Braces = Confidence

Teaching a teenager to have confidence can be a tricky endeavour. But studies have discovered that a person’s great smile, or lack thereof, can have a huge impact on confidence. If a person has crooked, broken, or discoloured teeth, they may learn to cover up their smile in pictures and in life. Smiles have found to be tied to happiness; walking around with a smile has shown to improve a person’s mood and attitude.

By giving your teen a healthy smile, you are setting them up on a road to confidence that will last a lifetime.

Clear Braces > Social Discomfort

Despite this, your teen is still a teen and worried about vanity. That’s where clear braces are your best argument. Your teen can work on their smile and improve their oral health while simultaneously not interrupting their day-to-day life. Clear braces become a secret weapon your teen is using to invest in their future. It will make them aware of their oral hygiene and health, and once the braces come out, they will strive to maintain what they’ve built.

When your teenagers need braces, clear braces are a great way to convince them the process will be easier than expected.

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