7 Advantages of Metal Braces for Teens

Two teen girls with braces pointing towards their mouths

Nowadays, there are many different orthodontic treatment options you can choose to improve your children’s oral health. While each option has its pros and cons, traditional metal braces are still one of the go-to options for families. Your kids may scoff at having to use metal braces, especially when they’re teenagers; however, there are many advantages to choosing metal braces for teens.

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Here are seven advantages of metal braces for teens.

1. Durability

Metal is stronger than ceramics or plastics. Ceramic or plastic can break, whereas it takes a lot of work to damage metal braces. If your teen loves to live a reckless, clumsy lifestyle, metal braces are more likely to withstand the punishment.

If ceramic or plastic braces break, it can become quite costly to replace them. Choosing something strong enough to last isn’t just about durability—it’s about cost, too.

2. Versatile

When it comes to the most severe orthodontic cases, you must choose metal braces. They’re the only ones capable of making the adjustments that a difficult mouth needs.

Ceramics and plastics aren’t strong enough to do the heavy lifting. This may seem like a limiting factor on your selection, but there is an added advantage to choosing the strongest option…

3. Duration

Metal braces offer the advantage of speed. Metal braces can do, in less time, what other teeth straightening options will take longer to achieve due to smoother shifting between wires and braces. When it comes to selling braces to your teen, choosing the option that corrects their teeth in the shortest amount of time is always a boon.

4. Cost

The first thought most parents have after being told their kids need braces is, “How much is this going to cost?” Though all orthodontic treatments can be expensive, metal braces offer an affordable option.

Because they have been around for so long and the technology has been improved over time, you can get the best treatment at the most affordable rate. (Ask your orthodontist about flexible payment options, too!)

5. Variety

We may all wish it weren’t true, but vanity is an important factor to teens. Though they may want to lean towards the invisible options, metal braces can lean into style.

There are many different designs that metal braces for teens come in now, meaning your teen can customize the look with different band colours and add fun and variety to improving oral health.

6. Health Improvements

Braces are a necessary part of oral health. Crooked, spaced out teeth can cause significant problems, both in the short term and the long term. Let your teen know that a year of braces is a small price to pay for a straight, pearly smile. It’s well worth the hassle now for the benefits in the future.

7. They’re More Advanced Than You Might Expect

Finally, the most important thing to know about metal braces is that they are not like the movies. Most people, when they think of metal braces, imagine mouth contraptions that feel like they consume the whole face. This just isn’t true. Today’s metal braces for teens are far less invasive and obvious.

With the right care, metal braces for teens are a great option. Metal braces are dependable, well-understood, strong, and effective—perfect for your family’s dental well-being.

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